Documentary film "Legacy"

Baka CvijetaIn this film the last living witnesses of the events from Second World War are telling their stories and thus transferring silenced victim’s voices to present times. The one of witnesses said: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say this, not only because of me but because of all those who were killed and never had chance to tell their story”. Recorded memories, so full of life experience and wisdom, teach us how to lead meaningful lives.

baka Cvijeta rukeThis documentary represents a final parting from one whole generation, and becomes a cinematic monument that our generation is raising up in their memory. The voices of the living witnesses are once again spreading bloody canvas of The Great War in front of our eyes. We are ready to wrongly assume that we know everything about that war. Projects such as this one demonstrate the fragility of our knowledge and conformity of our misunderstanding.

The heroes of Legacy are showing us how to rebuild life after unimaginable horrors and deaths, and also how man resurrects through love and forgiveness. This film has a mission to stop all the silence and oblivion we are not even aware of but which are endangering today’s peace and coexistence.



Director: Ivan Jovic
Project director: Monja Jovic
Producer: Center for fostering a culture of remembrance Legacy
Executive producer: Cinnamon Production
Director of photography: Pablo Ferro Zivanovic
Editing: Stevan Lung
Production manager: Aleksandar Smit
Director’s Assistant: Ana Marjanovic
Cameraman: Biljana Ristivojcevic Bizic
Jelena Stankovic
Sound recording: Aleksandar Perovic
Vladimir Zivkovic
Dejan Kragulj
Lighting technician: Aleksandar Bozic
Interviewer/Journalist: Jelena Angelovski
Olja Jovanovic
Jovana Kresovic
Vladislav Stojanovic
Sanja Gavrilovic
Jelena Krstic
Sasa Sovilj